Feather Eyebrows? Wait wha?


In the beauty world you think you’ve pretty much seen it all. No seriously we have seen it all. Trends we thought were stupid but later turned out to be pretty cool because we saw it so many damn times that it just kind of grew on us. But I think this one definitely takes the cake… So a Finnish makeup artist by the name of Stella Sironen thought this would be funny to post and say it was the new trend. Well of course everyone takes the internet 100% seriously and people started to freak and started following the trend. Dear God forgive these people because this looks crazy! Lol! What do you think about this?

Babies Romeo And Juliette Born Hours Apart At The Same Hospital

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.54.57 AM.png

This might be the cutest story I have read all week. As a hopeless romantic you’ll love this story. Two sets of parents had their babies hours apart at  Leesburg Regional Medical in Central Florida. The crazy thing is one set of parents named their baby girl Juliette and the other named their son Romeo. One of the nurses asked Carolyn Kidd what she had named her son, when she said Romeo she smiled and said a Juliette was born as well in the same hospital. The mother wanted to now where the other baby was but due to hospital policy the nurse could not disclose that information.


Both sets of parents found out about each other but couldn’t pry each others names out of the nurse. Juliette’s father Justin Crouch said he contemplated walking down the hallways of the hospital yelling “Romeo, Romeo where art thou?” lol! Their connection was finally made through a baby photographer and the babies came together for their Shakespearian photo op. The families exchanged information and unlike the real story remained friends and not enemies. Could this be the reincarnation? The real Romeo and Juliet died in 1303 and could possibly be making a comeback? Ok let me end the speculations lol. Congrats to the parents of these two beautiful babies.

What NOT To Wear To A Wedding


Wedding season is in full effect all year long. No matter what time of the year (unless its in a barn) you should dress formally or fitting to the event. Obviously you’re not going to wear a long gown to a BBQ wedding.

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99 Days Left #Bonillatopia


And so the real countdown begins! Only 99 days to go till we say “I Do” and Im nervous/excited/he really wants to marry me shocked all at the same time. Im down to the wire as all the major places like venue and church have been book but I’m still tripping out about this guest list! It’s a Dominican/Puerto Rican/Colombian/African American affair lol we have a lot of family but I’m sure we will figure it out. Still waiting until May for the coveted wedding dress and well not too many loose ends to tie for the big day. Stressful times but im sure this is all going to be worth it the minute I walk down that aisle and see Jeremy’s face. I swear he better cry because this dress is AMAZING! If he doesn’t cry im turning back around because apparently he did not see me haha just kidding but not really. Any brides out there have any advice when it comes to Do and Dont’s for weddings? Feel free to comment!


Sooo I’m Getting Married!


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MI GENTE!!!!!! I have neglected my blogging world but today it hit me how much I miss it!!!! I have been ghost due to some projects I am working on but I will get back on the ball with my entertainment!!! I miss you all and stay tuned for all the cool new stuff coming up!!!! Thank you all for your continued support!!

Yung Berg Arrested For Chocking Girlfriend Masika In NYC!

Yung-Berg-and-MasikaLove and Hip Hop Hollywood stars Yung Berg and his co-star/gf Masika were in NYC taping the reunion special. When berg went to pay his cc was declined. He got mad stormed out leaving Masika behind. Continue reading “Yung Berg Arrested For Chocking Girlfriend Masika In NYC!”