Dominican Salons Are Taking Over and Black Salons Are Furious!!

I was recently reading the Wall Street Journal and they had a story about how Black owned salons are furious because Dominican Salons are making their business drop. They state that the Dominicans do not do proper hair care and that all they do is make peoples hair bad.The Wall Street Journal also talk about Ms. Rollins another black salon owner. “The salon to which Ms. Rollins defected is doing well. Owner Monica Clark, who is African-American, opened the shop in 2008 as a traditional black salon. But business was slow and when faced with closing a few months later, she replaced her stylists with Dominicans, brushed up on her Spanish, redecorated, reduced her prices by $10 and renamed her shop The Hair Company USA Dominican Hair Salon. She’s playing merengue music now on the stereo. She says client volume has increased by 60% and sales have tripled.” So what does this tell you about the Dominican Technique?

Would you rather have your hair look like this ?

Or like this?

I want your opinions


2 thoughts on “Dominican Salons Are Taking Over and Black Salons Are Furious!!

  1. Dominican salons must be good for the Wall Street Journal to be discussing them in their paper, that’s all I have to say. Whoever would like their hair to look like the first picture is brave, it looks painful.

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