Just when you thought racism was over…

And just when you think the racism is over you see things like this that make you wonder when it will stop. I’m currently on my way to Raleigh,NC and this is what I see on my way there. Now I understand that not everyone agrees with Obama’s ways but must it come to this?! This white woman felt it was necessary to offend the millions of people who voted for Obama. Excuse US Minorities and people with SENSE that decided to vote for PRESIDENT OBAMA. So to the IGNORANT,NONSENSICAL IDIOT that made the bumper sticker and to the STUPID and RACIST woman who had the unpleasant desire of putting this sticker on her car I’m so happy to inform you that my PRESIDENT is Black and so is YOURS! So at the end of this beautiful and fanatabulous day we are happy with our decision and YOU are the one living in MISERY! So us ILLEGALS, IDIOTS, AND WELFARE RECIPIANTS will continue to vote for PRESIDENT OBAMA. We will be back at the polls in 2012!


2 thoughts on “Just when you thought racism was over…

  1. How is this bumpersticker racist? Seems like your beating up on somebody just because she doesnt support the Imam Hussein Obama regime. Obama is not enforcing immigration and people are leeching off of our tax money leaving us with less resources for the hard working citizens (Even Dominican Republic has stronger borders with Haiti).

    Obama is a pop star who is being used by the left leaning media to push socialist legislation to the gossip and media fueled idiots who follow what the television tells them is cool to do. Sounds to us like if anybody is close minded here it is you.

    1. I shouldn’t have approved your message because its stupid but i want to show everyone what ignorant is. How are you going to tell me i’m closed minded because i voted for Obama and because that sticker was def racist. I did my research i know why i voted. SOOO because that’s the person i chose im ignorant? No honey you cant tell me who i can and cannot vote for. My favorite color is Pink maybe yours isn’t i’m not going to tell you SUCK! because your favorite color isn’t pink and i sure am not going to offend you because you have a different choice. Good Day i hope you got my point and the next time you decide to leave a comment may it be positive because next time i will NOT address your stupidity!

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