Ever Wanted To A Put A Smile On A Child’s Face?

Well here’s you opportunity.

Last year when i was visiting my native country (Dominican Republic) in Dec./Jan.  I came across so many children that wished they could have at least one new toy to play with. On our way from La Romana to El Seibo a little kid stopped us in the middle of the road to ask us for money. He had no shoes on and no shirt just shorts. My mom rolled down the window and gave him 50 pesos (about a dollar and change) because that’s what he asked for. When i saw how excited he got i rolled down my window and gave him 150 more. He had the hugest smile on his face and said “Ay Gracias!! Vayan Con Dios!!” meaning Thank you so much may God be with you. When i looked out the back window he was literally sprinting over to who appeared to be his brother waving the money. To put a smile on his face cost me nothing but 3 dollars. Could you imagine how many children we could make happy with a simple toy on the day of the 3 kings?  See my birthday is on January 6 which is the day of the 3 kings. That day is like Christmas to most of the kids because that’s when they receive their presents. I want to go to the poorest farms and gives those kids something to truly smile about even if it’s just for one day. My mom grew up in poverty and she would tell me stories about how they waited all year for that day because it’s the only time they would get a toy. I’m starting to collect now so i can have enough for at least to farms. I will be shipping the toys so that by the time i get there we will be ready to go. Please find it in your hearts to donate for the kids. If you’d like to volunteer to collect toys or even fly out to The Dominican Republic with me id be more than happy. For more info on where to drop off just send me and email Nikki.Media@yahoo.com  I wont be accepting cash just toys (non violent.. guns,rifles etc) Thank You all so much in advance! Que Viva Project Sonrisa!!


4 thoughts on “Ever Wanted To A Put A Smile On A Child’s Face?

  1. hit me up with the info as to where to send them and also if i want to go with you what i have to do. I see this becoming huge, let’s do this for our ppl.. God bless you and this organization/charity.

    1. i came up with the project because these kids need it. They need hope and we can give it to them by doing this for them. If you want to come ill let you know the dates when ill be leaving and coming back. As with the toys collected ill be storing them here in my moms salon then ship as many as i can and ill take in my luggage as many as i can as well

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