Miner Novela Pt.2


















In this episode of El Minero, Su Esposa Y La Otra a.k.a The Miner, His Wife and the Side Chick. Miner #21 Yonni Barrios is still putting on a circus act and juggling between two women. Little did we know.. THERE WAS A 3RD WOMAN!! A 25-year-old woman was kept away from the mine by his mistress Susana Valenzuela. The Women claimed Yonni was having an affair with her too!! Wow Yonni is what i call a Playa Playa! Valenzuela has decided to call Barrios Tarzan because of everything he went through. She says,”How great that my Tarzan is returning home, I am waiting for him in a thong,” reads a sign taped the fence in front of his house. ( I’m not quite sure if i want to make a mental picture of that.) That’s This weeks episode Stay tuned!!


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