Lebron’s Old Teammates Hating? Retweet And Share!

We all thought Lebron James was joking with his old teammates during the game right? WRONG! According to former teammate Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson says, he did not appreciate some of James’ words and actions.

He also said, “I’ve heard that, and that kind of rubs me the wrong way,” Gibson said. “We all know LeBron and we all know that he enjoys being in front of the camera. To say we were fraternizing and being friendly … nobody knows what was said and the things that were said probably could not be repeated right now. We wanted to win the game and those guys brought it to us.”

Gibson did not agree with the friendliness going on between James and former teammates and coaches. (I personally think Gibson needs to GET OVER IT)

“I think people, from the outside looking in, might say we were laughing and joking with him, but if you could hear the things that were said, you would know that wasn’t the case,” Gibson said. “There was nothing friendly about the conversation we had.”

Nikki’s Thought’s

Lets all be serious for a moment now. Lebron James felt he couldn’t get a ring with Cleveland so he had to make a move and go somewhere that he felt was right. Kind of like when you’re in a really boring relationship and you feel like you will never see marriage what do you do? BREAK UP and then BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT! Cleveland needs to stop hating and quite frankly i was annoyed the whole game because every time James got the ball they booed and then HE SCORED! Great game Miami. As for Cleveland fans I’m sorry for your loss.


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