Postal Worker Killed In North Miami RT & Share

On Monday Dec. 6,2010 Postal worker Bruce Parton age 60 was shot and killed as he was doing his route. Parton was a very well like man by his Co-Workers and Customers. He leaves behind 2 children.  Parton was a 30 year veteran who planned to retire and travel. He was delivering mail to the Monte Carlo apartment complex, 496 NW 165th St. Rd. in North Miami-Dade. That area i known to be dangerous but he knew he had to do his job. The American flag was held half staff at the Norland Branch where Parton departed from for the last time Monday morning. The US Postal Investigators are offering 25,000 dollars for a tip leading to arrest.


*Nikki’s Response

I never report news because I’ve always said i wanted to stick to entertainment news for these reasons. I’m a very sentimental person and to have to report something like this would probably make me tear on camera. I knew this man personally he delivered mail for a while to my mothers salon that is not to far from where he got shot and killed. He knew we were Dominican and ALWAYS came in saying CARTERO! (Mailman!) He never failed to ask us how we were doing (in Spanish) and always told us to have a great day. He was honestly one of the nicest people i have ever met. He was a stranger to me and rapidly became my favorite mailman for always having high spirits and always coming in with a smile. I will never forget this kind man who was killed for doing his job. I will definitely miss him coming in the salon with all the joy he brought to us. Rest In Peace Bruce we will truly miss you and i know for a fact you’re an angel in heaven because I don’t think anyone was as humble as you were.


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