92 Year Old Granny Shoots Up Neighbor’s House!!

92 year old Helen Staudinger fell in love with her neighbor Dwight Bettner 53, 6 months ago when he moved to Ft. McCoy.Staudinger went over to her neighbor’s home determined to get a kiss. She said she refused to leave until she got one. (Talk about a cougar!!!)

When he kept rejecting her she went over to and got her gun AND SHOT UP HIS HOUSE!!! (INCREDIBLE!!) When deputies got on the scene, they found a .380 semi-automatic in her living room with a round in the chamber, according to police.

They say this is not the 1st dispute they have had. It has been said that in the past Staudinger tried to stangle a woman that she thought was having an affair with him!! This is one crazy old lady. She remains behind bars.


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