New Artist Cris Cab Talks Music With

Hailed by Pharrell Williams as “an exceptional talent”, Miami based singer/songwriter Cris Cab will release his debut EP on Tuesday, June 7th. The album will be available at online retailers such as iTunes and Amazon and also available as a free download via and Cris’s Facebook page. Cab will embark on his first ever North American tour which kicks off June 4th in his hometown of Miami and will pair Cris up with local talent in cities such as Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Greenville, Boston and New York. Tickets are available at

Nikki305: Making moves at such a young age did you always knew you were going to make it but did you think it would be this fast?

Cris Cab: I always knew it would be possible and its amazing to see how people react to my music.

Nikki305: How does it feel to have the support of such an amazing producer like Pharrell?

Cris Cab: Its amazing! I feel very honored to work with him. He’s very easy to connect with. Its something great for me.

Nikki305: Your style has a lot of reggae infused in it. Why did you pick that flow to add to your music?

Cris Cab: Well, ever since i was 9 I’ve been going back and forth to the Bahamas because my family has a house there. I’m Cuban and i grew up listening to reggae that’s why i like it.

Nikki305: Your EP comes out June 7th. What can we expect?

Cris Cab:It’s a lot more Reggae. My music has a very chill vibe and mellow perfect for the summer.

Here is Cris Cab’s Video “Good Girls”

Catch Cris Cab this Sat. June 4th at Grand Central in Downtown Miami !


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