The Crazy B**ch That Hired A Cop To Kill Her Husband Is Sentenced!

Oh Dalia Dalia Dalia… You guys remember the crazy hefter I told you about in April? Well if you don’t remember click here our little actress has officially been sentenced to 20 YEARS in prison after she plotted [ with a cop] to kill her husband of only 7 months.Her defense was that her Ex husband had planned it all so that they can get their own reality show. Too bad her only reality will be prison bars and cell mates.

Her Ex Huband Michael Dippolito took the stand saying that he never planned for any of this. “It’s ridiculous,” Michael said, shifting in the witness-box and looking agitated. “We’re not here because of me.”

After that jurors watched the video where Dalia is telling the hitman [cop] that she wants her husband dead and when he asked, “are you sure?” she said, “I’m 5,000% sure.”

The jurors then watched this video of when Dalia was given the news that her husband was dead.

Ladies if you ever plan on killing your husband water works doesn’t come 1st it’s always shock and denial. I’m not saying you guys should plan this I’m just teaching you guys a little lesson about how the grieving process goes.

Dalia’s 16-year-old sister also took the stand and told the jury that she needed her sister and to please give her a chance.

After seeing the video and listening to all the statements it only took the jurors 3 hours to decide the verdict. After the sentencing when they asked Michael Dippolito what he thought about her sentence he said, “I’m 5,000% happy with the verdict”

Let this be a lesson u can never really get away with things because the TRUTH always comes to light. It may not be now but it will bite you later.


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