12 Year Old Commits Suicide To Donate Organs To Ailing Family Members.

I don’t usually report sad news but i wanted to share this with my readers.A  12-year-old girl in West Bengal named Mumpy Sarkar committed suicide so that she can save 2 of the most important men in her life, her father and her brother. Her family is poor and they do not have enough money to pay for the surgeries that they need. She made this decision after hearing her parents discuss  how only eye surgery could restore her father’s vision and a kidney transplant her brother’s life.

It is tradition in India to cremate loved ones after they pass . Which is exactly what they did to her. The sad part is her father found her suicide note on her bed AFTER she had been cremated. In the note she had requested that her eyes and her kidney be used to help her father and brother. So the whole purpose of her taking her life didn’t mean anything because they found the note 1 day to late. Her wishes weren’t fulfilled and her family is very shocked and sad.  It’s a sad story of a little girl who gave up her life to save 2. May she rest in peace.

The local state council heard of what the little girl did and are going to help the family pay for the surgery of her father and her brother so at least not all was lost.


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