Famous Movie Homes For Sale!! Can You Afford One?

Recognize this house? Home Alone was filmed here!

Who’s Selling?

Coldwell Banker

How Much?


Where is it at?

671 Lincoln St., Winnetka, IL

How big?

4,243 square feet

Is the treehouse there?

Nope it was taken down after the movie was done filming. Not cool!

What if i really want to buy it who do i call?

Contact Marissa /Coldwell Banker 847.681.4145

The Godfather Mansion

Where is it?

Staten Island, NY

How much are they asking?

$2.9 million

Any cool facts about the home?

The owner says his mother kept many artifacts from the movie, including Brando’s cue cards.

The house features eight bedrooms, two fireplaces, a basement pub, a four-car garage and an in-ground pool.

A replica of the Disney movie UP

How much?


Where is it at?

Herriman Township near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Any Cool Facts?

The 2, 800 sq ft home has been officially approved by Disney and every attention to detail has been paid.

Contractors matched the smallest of things from the garden hose reel to the front door, right down to the weather vane to those seen in the 2009 animated film.

Love horror movies? Live in one!
The Amityville Horror House
Where is it at?
 Tom’s River, NJ
How much do they want for it?
$1.35 million
Cool Facts?
The current owner told ‘Today‘ that the house is not, in fact, haunted, but it does seem to change owners quite a bit
I don’t think I’d like to live there even if they gave me the house for free!

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