Jesus that was quick!! Only 72 days and Kim Kardashian is already getting divorced?!?! “Yes @kimkardashian is filing for divorce this morning,” Tweets Ryan Seacrest, who produces her reality show. “I touched base with her.” All that’s money for that luxury wedding down the drain! I was trying to stay positive about the relationship and think that maybe juuuuust maybe they would last. I think Kim just wanted to have a big fairytale wedding. I guess she didn’t learn that time takes revenge upon things that went done with it’s collaboration. Love doesn’t happen overnight. She has already filed and has hired celebrity lawyer Laura Wasser. So sad oh well moving on!



  1. Please anyone can see what’s coming next. I’d lay odds that in a month or two headlines will be asking if Kim Kardashian is a mommy to be. Then she’ll confess it happened during her brief marriage. New show…”Ki­m plus 1″. Baby gets the Kardashian name and likely all the classlessness to go along with it and the horror show continues for another generation­. And if your still wondering what really happened let me clue you in. Kim and her hubby took a cable station for 18 million dollars, scammed their “wedding guests” out of gifts, then filed for divorce hoping and knowing that they’ll be offered a divorce reality show. These reality shows are getting ridiculous and when I hear that kids consider the Kardashians people of status and influence I want to throw my television out the window.

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