I miss my regularly scheduled programming

I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

So the time has come again for all of us to get out there and do out civic American duty. It is time to vote. I am not going to get on here and tell you who to vote for. Not that I would know who the people to vote for are in your area considering this is for state and local government. The point here is just go. Cast your vote. Do it now before the polls close! I am a fan of both voting and just having the right to vote. On the flip side I am not a fan of what Election Day does to my regularly scheduled programming. How am I supposed to record Up All Night or Modern Family when you are constantly interrupting my shows to give me updates on the voting tallies? Isn’t there something that http://www.expertsatellite.com/ can do about this? Can’t they tell the local network, “Nah, the public doesn’t really want to see who was voted Town Hall Committee leader during the middle of their favorite show but thanks anyways channel 2.” Come on cable service provider! I vote that you don’t allow for their interruptions about silly little things like who the treasurer of my tiny town is going to be.


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