20 step story of a typical crossfitter

20 step story of a typical crossfitter

by fitasfuck on February 9, 2012

1. Hear about CrossFit through someone that is annoying and obsessed.

2. Attend a Free class…and one of two things happen – you love it & you are hooked already (skip to #6) OR…

3. Still very skeptical, go back to the couch or your regular way of training… but…whether you like it or not, can’t stop thinking about & hearing about CrossFit and all those fit, amazing, fun people.

4. Come back again, start asking more questions & poking around at the equipment.

5. Check out some links online, one thing leads to another & hrs pass by.

6. Join a box.

7. Start carving out 3ish hrs a week to do a bunch of crazy functional stuff that hurts a lot but feels so good.

8. Friend other CrossFitters on facebook.

9. Rip your hands open, a little shocked and in a bit of pain…you’re smiling on the inside. It feels cool.

10. Start using the lingo… “WOD” “Rx’d”, “AMRAP” “Snatch” & “Fran”.

11. Attend some CrossFit oriented events and begin actually looking forward to working out on the weekends.

12. Lift a barbell that weighs more than you off the ground.

13. Continue to drink too much & overload on carbs bc now that you train so hard, you deserve to celebrate with a few beers and a pizza.

14. Buy some t-shirts that have catchy slogans on them and special shoes.

15. Date someone from the box. Stalk games athletes online.

16. Realize after 6 months or so that you are slightly stagnant and need to give this dreaded Paleo stuff a try. Educate yourself & commit to trying a Paleolitic-based Diet.

17. See drastic improvements, feel incredible, dominate workouts like never before and preach about eating like a caveman to everyone you know.

18. Talk about CrossFit. Think about CrossFit. Dream about CrossFit.

19. Get a CrossFit inspired tattoo…ok probably not but at least rock a bumper sticker.

20. Bleed this lifestyle, surround yourself with likeminded people, & want everyone that you love and care about to join your CrossFit ways…. because you know, that as of now, & as far as you can see…there is no better method.

(FYI: you are now that ‘someone’ from Step #1)


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