SMH Moment Of The Week Pregnant 20 Yr Old Leaves Baby In Car To Get Piercing!

20 year old Stephanie Santana was bored around 4am Wednesday morning. She decided to go for a joy ride.. DRUNK (mind you she is pregnant )  with her 10 month old daughter in the back seat! She was arrested by Houston police after she left her daughter alone in the car and walked into Dagos Tattoo Shop asking for a piercing.

One of the tattoo shop employees named Yogi spoke to the local news and recapped how it all went down. “She asked me how long would the piercing take, and I said, ‘Why would you ask me how long would it take because there is nobody in here?’ And she said, ‘Because I have a baby in the car.’ That’s when I asked her who’s watching the baby. She said, ‘Nobody, the baby is asleep,'”



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