Catching Up With Dj Nikko Calor !


*How did it all begin?

I have always had passion for music & wasn’t good at singing or anything like that lol. My boy and myself started a private party company 6 years ago. I knew right away DJing was going to be my career.

*What made you want to pursue being a DJ?

I always dreamed of having passion for something in the music industry & looked up to many icons that inspired me to chase the dream. I feel we need to know that we can succeed in something & make it a career for us to run with it.

*You recently won “Best Down South DJ” at the Latin Mixx Awards how does it feel to accomplish such a big award?

It feels great to be recognized for your work. It’s only the beginning for me & I’m very humbled to have earned the Best Down South DJ Award so early in my career.

*What track would you say never fails you when your DJing?

I don’t know lol i play at different venues in 3 types of markets so it always varies. But you can never go wrong with 90’s Biggie songs & Dr Dre songs from the Chronic 2001 album.

*What has been your best experience thus far?

My best experience so far has been performing in London last year with Fulanito. I grew up listening to them, so it was a great feeling touring with them.

*Which is your favorite City That Never Sleeps?

Even tho i have only been there 2 times, i love New York City. I come back so inspired it gives me enough fuel to go hard for the whole year. I’m going every year for as long as i live lol. Hopefully i can have my own place there one day.



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