Rhianna Talks Chris Brown “I Lost My Best Friend”

Rhianna recently did an interview with Oprah where she talks about life and how it has changed since her incident with Chris Brown. “I lost my best friend,” she told Oprah in an interview to air Sunday on OWN. “Everything I knew switched – switched in a night – and I couldn’t control that, so I had to deal with that, and that’s not easy for me to understand.”

She tells Oprah how hard it was for her to move on with all eyes on her. The world was watching her every move and that made it more difficult for her.

“It was hard for me to even pay attention to my mind and figure things out because now it became a circus and I felt protective,” she said. “I felt like, the only person they hate right now is him.

“It was a weird confusing space to be in because as angry as I was – as angry, hurt and betrayed – I just felt like, he made that mistake because he needed help and like, who’s going to help him? Everybody is going to say he’s a monster without looking at the source and I was more concerned about him.”


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