Officials May Have Found Jenni Rivera’s Body! Warning Very Graphic Photos!


Mexican officials say they may have found the body of Jenni Rivera.

The body that was found is being transported to Monterrey, Mexico to confirm if it is the Mexican Diva. Her father and brother will be flying in to Monterrey to identify her body. At the scene they found hair, a foot , her license and shoes.

*Warning the following photos a very graphic!*

jenni_remainsShe was the only female on the plane.

securedownload-4 securedownload-5If this is her body its terrible to see she died in such a horrific way.


31 thoughts on “Officials May Have Found Jenni Rivera’s Body! Warning Very Graphic Photos!

  1. Alexaa Says:I Think Ihts Stupid How Thaat One Person Thaat Knows She Alive Is Keeping Ihts To Them Selfs .!!
    Yeseniaa Says: I Think Ihts Stupid Thaat People Really Think Were Gunna Fall for Those Fake Body Parts Youu Can Even tell that The Supposibly Skin is Dear Meet .!!

  2. Alexaa Says:i think Ihts dumb How Who ever knows she is Alive Is Keeping Iht From The Poeple That Love Her So Much .

    Yeseniaa Says: I Think Ihts Stupid Thaat People Really Think Were Gunna Fall for Those Fake Body Parts Youu Can Even tell that The Supposibly Skin is Dear Meet .!!

    1. Uhm yeah it would be different color skin because when you dont have warm blood in a freaking body part that fell off of you, it obviously not going to be the same skin color. Ndd sometimes dead bodies tend to turn pale of death. God think logically people.! Ndd im only a kid, and know this stuff. Ndd she could be alive. I person can live without hair, feet. and hands.! But then again. couldve died from loss of blood.

    1. YEAH WITH MICHEAL JACKSON?? AND SELENA? OH AND ALSO WITH ELVIS, TOTALLY FORGOT TO MENTION HIM!!! no seriously why would here family put on a show like that? i dont think anyone would dare to prank about someones death…i dont think her family would and i think its obvious they’re not, you can feel their pain… i can feel it, no more comments like this one please, its not cool and its very disrespectful…for us who love her

  3. Everyone who thinks she is alive because a “full body” has not been found is a true uneducated idiot. Let me help you process her death: If a plane falls from the sky from about 28,000 feet, you will never find an intact body. Let’s just say, when that plane hit the ground, both the plane and people in it were ripped to shreds. Need a better visual? Fill up a balloon with water and drop it. What happened? The water splashed all over the place as well as the balloon pieces right? Well about 60% of human bodies are made up of water/blood. Still don’t believe me? Look up gore pics of the 9/11 tower jumpers and see what was left of their bodies. Death is a very hard thing to process and eventually accept. However, from here to the time the idiots who think she is alive finally accept it, I’ll just sit here and laugh at all the conspiracy theories I read surrounding her death.

    1. Yes but if u didn’t no 9/11 was a conspiracy by the illuminati Jenny was found fast usually it takes 24 hours or more but she is not dead have faith jenni is alive she took hmmm a parachute and why would it fall randomly if they check planes before they take off hmm suspicious no? They also have one parachute missing that isn’t her foot and the media I trying to cover this up look it up the government doesn’t want you 2 no

      1. 9/11 was not a conspiracy. The Illuminati does not exist, that is an extremely ignorant belief. It took over 24 hours to find her remains. If the plane crashed unexpectedly, she wouldn’t have had time to put a parachute on. These pictures were leaked by one of two officers who were stealing evidence, and the reason the media wants them taken down is because tampering with the evidence of an ongoing investigation is illegal. Please educate yourself and don’t base yourself simply off what you see on youtube and the rest of the internet.

    2. I’m with u she is dead people deal with it her family has.let her rest in peace and by the way that is not deer meat I’ve seen combat in two tours I know what bodies look like if you have never seen combat you have no say. It’s female human remains the only female on The plaine was jenni put it together .

  4. This is very sad and it hurts me seeing these pictures i just hope its not true .. we love you jenni i hope your hiding and you havn’t died i have faith in you,

  5. Actually these are real, cops in mexico took pictures and released them to the media, the two officers were arrested when investigators found the pictures in their house

  6. I know it is hard for many to process such images, but compare the piece of a foot, the form of it to the picture were u can see her in full closer-up and you can tell they are very similar.And just so u know, when a dead body part is left in a cold storage place or outside in snowing temperatures, the decaying process it frozen as well, or slows down. I somehow hope it is not her, but many times, we humans like to stay on the ignorant side so we try to ignore facts.

  7. Those are her body parts A!
    And B!!!! Two cops were recently arrested for taking video of the crash and taking things that belonged to her that they “stole” from the crash! These things were found in they’re apartments including the pictures that were leaked.
    Her hair has been found way before these picture. They are people that live near these mountains and a guy that was looking for his lost cow early in the morning after the crash found her hair and part of her leg because they’re was still a heal on it. He was the one who called the cops too the crash site.
    Its all over the Mexican News.
    Plus this information is not only on the Mexican News, E!News has it, CNN everywhere, If you fall from such a high altitude trust me sweeties you’re not gonna look like a barbie after wards. More like a barbie that spontaineously combusted.

  8. If it were so fake why would her family be outraged and try to bring the ass holes who leaked these photos to justice.?
    They arrested a couple cops for stealing things and important documents and taking pictures at the crash site,such as these gory photos!.

  9. from what i know, in a plane crash the body can tear into pieces, for example the head can become apart from the rest of the body, thats why you are asked to put your head between your legs when you’re in a plane and there’s a sign of an accident and a decline or w whatever. But what i dont know is if other parts of the body can become apart too? like her foot, and c’mon people how is it not possible for it not to be her foot? so some of you think someone had the time to make a false foot and false fingers lmao! be serious here… It hurts to know that she died, but thats the whole truth. What really pisses me off, is that people didnt respect the scene of the accident and took photographs and video and still had the courage to post them online

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