Ever Wonder How Non Famous People Have So Many Followers On Social Media ?? Here’s How ! (What A Joke!)


Soooo it has come to my attention that a lot of people who are nowhere near famous YET have thousands and thousands of followers…. ARE BUYING THEM! Now i always knew followers could be bought but I did not know there was such a huge market for buying Instagram and Twitter followers. I have recently noticed that some Miami ”Models” or “Artists” have over 300k followers yet they are only known in their hometown or aren’t really known at all. One way to detect a person has fake followers (which really means the”followers” are bots who act like people) is to look at their likes for example if the person has 400k followers but only get 13-20k likes consider that person has fake followers.. they should be getting at least 15% in likes of those 400k followers meaning the dumbest pic should get at least 60k likes per pic.

Any who i did research and even EBAY sells followers check this out!

photo 1Wondering how much u can buy a bunch of followers for??

photo 2

You can buy them as low as $6.49! So next time you see someone with a bunch of followers and they aren’t famous here you go! It’s a sad world you live in if you have to pay for people to follow you #IJS !

I will be testing my hypothesis on @nikki305dotcom I have purchased a package that will get me 25k followers in48 hours but check out the disclosure..

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 6.58.12 PM


4 thoughts on “Ever Wonder How Non Famous People Have So Many Followers On Social Media ?? Here’s How ! (What A Joke!)

  1. It’s not just semi-famous wannabee’s that are buying followers. Sadly a lot of celebs you wouldn’t expect are doing it too. Even if you aren’t buying them yourself, you can sometimes wind up with these bots – because they’ll follow a couple of people just for appearances sake. So if a celeb you follow has them, you may wind up with a few yourself.

    There are actually several sites that will allow you see how many followers are fake, as well as check the stats of celebs you follow. It’s eye opening. and disappointing.

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