Broward County Court Judge Sentences Chad Johnson To 30 Days Just Because She Wanted To Be A Bi*ch!! (Video Inside)



Ain’t that some BS!! Chad Johnson was in court going over his probation deal when he slapped his lawyers butt(kind of like the good job butt slap you get when you play football). So everyone in the court room started laughing i mean come on CJ is a pretty funny guy.. well that did not sit well with the judge and she got all upset because people were laughing and her court room wasn’t a joke… LADY YOU MADE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A JOKE BY NOT TAKING ONE!  She gave him 30 days in jail! Any who i don’t think it was that serious chances are homegirl wanted to get on TMZ (good job) or she just needs to take it easy and realize she has let her power get to her head smh!!


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