In Other Baby Mama Drama Ludacris Followed In The Footsteps Of His Friend DWade And Had A Baby With His Side Chick Too! For The Love Of Condoms People!


Isn’t it written somewhere in the books of being a “playa” to never get the side piece pregnant or the if you do make sure you pay her so your girl dont find out? Well we all know D Wade didn’t read the manual and apparently Ludacris didn’t either!

Ludacris has claimed that he was also on a break from his girlfriend Eudoxie when he got some other girl pregnant. These rappers and ballers don’t learn groupies will do anything to get them for 18 years smh! Any who not only did he have this baby he now says he really can’t pay much child support because he is only bringing in 25,000 dollars and some change meaning he only has to pay almost $2,000 a month according to Georgia State law. Weird because according to Forbes Luda is worth some 12 mil hmm!  I think I need to write a book for these men to follow protocol when in a relationship and it will be a 1 page thing saying KEEP YOUR SAUSAGE IN YOUR PANTS FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST!


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