Has Obtained Proof That D Wade.. WAS NOT SEPARATED FROM GABRIELLE UNION WHEN HE GOT THE SIDE PIECE PREGNANT! (Proof and baby mama pics inside)


Dwayne Wade said he and Gabrielle Union were separated at the time when he got his new baby mama Aja Metoyer pregnant. 

Aja Metoyer just had her baby 1 month ago meaning he slept with her 10 months ago which means she got pregnant between 38-45 weeks ago. Well I decided to do some snooping and I went on D Wade’s Instagram and looked at his pics from that time which is when he said he was not with her.

This Pic was 45 weeks ago




All these screen shots of Wade’s IG were taken today Jan. 1,2014. I will say Wade’s new baby mama is not too bad looking but her face is def a no no.


Oh well one of the big three was bound to catch a baby mama!


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