How Fake Does Blac Chyna’s Butt Look In The Instagram Pic Kim Kardashian Posted?!



Well we all know Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been friends for some time now and as much as i love Kim for her style we can’t deny the fact that she’s a little.. what’s the word I’m looking for umm promiscuous yeah that will do. So it’s only right she would be friend with a world famous stripper from my hometown Miami who married a rapper and is now rich which is what most strippers aspire to right? Anyway Kim K posted a pic of both their butts on Instagram not like their attention whores or anything BUTT just for fun. Now we have all known for years that Kim K gets ass shots only because when they dis-inflate she takes a while to inflate them again. As for Blac Chyna she had 1 too many ass shots on this round because her ass is looking super fake!!


She doesn’t expect us to think that’s real right?! Lol Miami stripper on the come up people!black-chyna-dimeiece-525x679



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