Top 10 Albums of 2013…. You Wouldn’t Guess Who Came In At #1!


Jay Z comes in the #10 spot with Magna Carta Holy Grail selling 1.1 million copies


Blake Shelton comes in at #9 selling 1.11 million copies


Beyonce comes in at #8 selling 1.3 million copies


Drake come in at #7 selling 1.34 million copies


Florida Georgia Line comes in at #6 selling 1.35 million copies.


Bruno Mars comes in at #5 selling 1.4 million copies


Imagine Dragons comes in at #4 selling 1.4 million copies


Luke Bryan comes in at #3 selling 1.52 million copies


Eminem comes in at #2 selling 1.73 million albumsjustin-timberlake-20-20-experience-650-430

Youuuu probably did not guess this one but it’s true! Justin Timberlakes 20/20 experience was the best selling album of 2013!The album sold 2.5 million copies! As impressive as that sounds it’s realy not, Nielson SoundScan has not seen numbers these low for a No.1 album in its whole 22 year history!


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