Love And Hip Hop Moving To LA But There’s 1 Major Problem!


Love and Hip Hop is making a move to Los Angeles but there’s only one problem actually one big problem..They can’t find a star who actually wants to sign up for the show. The closest they got was Ray J but since he’s too busy filming The Bad Girls Club All Stars he wasn’t able to join the show. Now if Ray J was the best person they could get to be the star of the show that’s sad. The crazy part is that Love and Hip Hop has been such a success of VH1 that it’s hard to see why no one would want to sign up to be on the show. Production has decided to just start filming the smaller stars on the show like Singer Brooke Valentine. I’m sure you guys remember her one hit “Girl Fight”. There will also be DJ Yesi Ortiz y’all remember her from um ok we don’t know her… YET! There will also be some rapper chick named Hazel E those are always fun and video vixen Bria Myles.

Production says they will worry about the big star later…


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