Blow Up Dolls Now Have Competition! You Wouldn’t Guess What The New Dolls Looks Like! (18+ Only)

dollsJust when you thought blow up dolls would exist forever a sex toy company just stepped the doll game up by like 1000%!A new sex toy company called Real Doll has revolutionized sex toys! This new line of dolls completely eliminates blow up dolls out of the market if you have the money to spend. They give you the option to choose male or female and you can choose hair color, eye color and how much pubic hair you want the doll to have! I can’t make this stuff up!

On the males you can even choose the size penis you want them to have! Omaiga!!


The dolls can go anywhere from 7k for a custom made one or 6k for one that has already been pre made to look like your favorite porn star! This is insane!

Here are some of what the dolls look like … women are about to go out of business too !

doll3 doll5 doll6 doll7 doll8 doll1 doll2


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