Video of The Week!! Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse



So I’m kicking myself wondering why I have not heard this girl’s voice before today! Well apparently I do not watch enough TV because she was on The Voice smh! Anywho my BFF Eve hits me up about this girl Melanie and tells me how awesome her voice is and that I have to watch her new video so I did. Her song is called Dollhouse and its about this family who looks so perfect on the outside but really they have a slew of problems stirring up underneath. Kind of like Bree from Desperate Housewives if you were ever into the show. Well Melanie definitely made an impression because her style is super unique like I have never heard a voice like this. She’s different she’s spunky but above all you can see she is NOT afraid to be different and I adore her for that and I don’t even know the chick loL! Any way here is her video Dollhouse ming you she’s only 18 imagine what she will be like in 10 years! WOW WOW WOW KUDOS TO MELANIE!


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