Meth Cook Gets Caught And You Wouldn’t Guess How He Was Connected To Breaking Bad!! (Pics Inside)


Breaking bad is a popular show on AMC that just ended it’s last season very recently. Now if you have watched the show you know how addicting this can get ESPECIALLY if you have Netflix which means no commercials and unlimited episodes. I started watching the show after everyone was raving about how good it was and I was addicted! I was able to catch all the references of the show la la la butttt it never drove me to the point to actually want to cook and sell the blue meth made on the show! Yet there are some people who take the shows concept a little too far like maybe getting Mr. White’s face tattooed or going to a convention just to see Jessie… but to actually start making and selling meth now that’s crazy!


Daniel Kowalski pictured in his mug shot with a shirt from Pollos Hermanos which if you didn’t know is a direct reference to the restaurant of one of the biggest meth drug dealers who used the restaurant as a cover up. This is not the first time that he has been arrested on drug charges.


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