Local Spotlight! Photographer @RobLo305 !!


The local spotlight this week goes to Miami Resident Rob Lo! We all know Instagram is a place to get your products or business on and popping and that’s exactly what started happening with the photography of Rob Lo. He has only been in the game for a short period of time but looking at his pictures you would think he’s been doing this for years! I have been so impressed by his creativity and such perfect lighting I decided he would be the first of my local spotlight series that I am debuting today! Here’s a brief interview I had with Rob Lo! Enjoy!biancagold

*When did you first realize you wanted to become a photographer?

I always loved photography ever since I took my first picture with a polaroid as a kid lol. So I chose a profession in finance and and never tapped into my “creative” side. It was until a friend came to visit me and had showed me how amazing a professional camera was and made my iphone pictures look very blah… by the very next week, i practically bought a whole studio and watched Youtube videos for a week straight learning how to use it.

*How long have you been a photographer?

People never believe me when I say – March 2013 – was when I decided to do photography. Now, there is not a day that goes by without someone wanting me to mentor them and give them advice on how to break into the industry and teach them how to improve their images.

*What kind of camera do you use?

My camera of choice is a Canon Mark iii and my “go to” lenses are 1) 70-200mm 2.8 2) 17-40mm 3) 50mm 1.4

*Being based in Miami where would you say has been your favorite place to shoot and why?

My most common place would be by home in downtown Miami… but my favorite place would have to be at the Southpointe Pier in Miami Beach because of the breath taking sunrises.

*What are your favorite types of shoots? Models? Scenery? Other?

My favorite type of shooting would have to be the ones that are mostly natural light with natural realistic captures. I feel like catching the model in a candid moment is when the image looks the best. I also love showing off the scenery in my images and I will usually shoot with a wide angles lens just so I can capture the model with Skylines and Sunsets.

*Is there a type of photo shoot you wouldn’t do?

The only photo shoots I wouldn’t do would be the ones that lack creativity and thought. I always ask the model to prepare a theme or storyline we want to tell thru the image.

*Who would you love to work with?

I would love to work with West Coast models. I would also love to start focusing on more High Fashion shoots and get connected with some of the modeling agencies that are here in Miami.

*Where the readers find more of your work?

People can find my work mainly on Instagram @RobLo305 and stay tuned for a new fresh site coming this spring!



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