Do Distance Relationships Work?? Yes And No!


Most people have this misconception of relationships that involve any kind of distance don’t work. I have to agree and disagree with this subject. Why?Well because I have been in this situation twice. I once had a long distance relationship and in my current relationship my boyfriend travels a whole lot since he works for a huge pop star. Any kind of healthy relationships need space because we are human and no matter who we are with and how much we love them we need that alone time.

longdistanceNow too much time means you’re better off being alone! In my previous relationship my partner at that time lived in New York City. Now I gave it a try despite everyone saying long distance relationships do not work and after only 2 months the relationship took i95 south headed straight for Splitsville. Why? Because I was not able to share those simple moments couples have and trust me no matter how great technology is there isn’t enough Facetime in the world to make a difference. When someone lives in another state you can’t expect for that person to be around every 3 weeks. That ish would get super expensive and definitely take a toll on your pockets then you’ll reconsider and think about how many fishes are in the pond near you which means you do not need to take a trip to the ocean.

Long distance relationships get two thumbs down from me.

long distance eNow relationships with some distance?? Hellll yeah!! My boyfriend travels… ALOT!! I honestly do not think I can name a country he has not visited which is awesome and makes me jealous in a good way all at the same time! Even though we live in the same city he can be gone for weeks at a time and I won’t lie I do miss him like crazy I mean hello that’s my other half my honey bunches of oats my… ok I can’t say the other names in case people we know read this and start teasing! LOL! We have been together almost 3 years making him my longest relationship ever and why is that? Because we have just enough space to miss each other with everything we have but we also spend enough time together to make up for lost time. He knows that when he is home and we are together we have to make the most epic memories that will carry us though the times when he is not here. I feel like that is the perfect combination if the relationship you are in is like mine.

long-distance-relationsBusiness travel sucks for whoever has to stay home but it also makes you appreciate your other half much more when they are home. I always get asked how do you do it? Do you trust him? Is it really worth it? The answer… YES!! The key is to trust and have faith that your partner won’t do anything to betray you and you’ll be good!


In different situations distance can be a good thing in others it may be doomsday but regardless of what happens never give up on love and if that person is worth traveling ’til the end of the world then go for it!


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