She’s Back!!


Yes!!! I AM BACK!! How I missed Crossfit let me tell you! I recently decided to get back into a fitness world that I have loved and neglected for about a year and a half. Everyone knows I am an open book and I like to share my experiences with others. It may not be the best all the time and there are certain things I don’t talk about but I feel if you see something I am going through you can relate to me and know that you are not alone. The month of May I might have to say has been the worst month of my year. I went through a terrible breakup after 3 years with someone who I thought loved me. I won’t go into every detail because I would be sitting here writing this for days. Today June 5th I feel so much better and so free. I have not shed one tear in 6 days and every single day I get stronger. Why? Because I put my faith in God and I turned that negative energy into positive energy which in turn will give me the body I have always wanted. I had neglected my dreams, my freedom and worst of all myself. I had a wonderful 3 years but God thought it was enough because he has something better for my future. I have always believed in the power of prayer but never had I really known what it was capable of doing. During my darkest hours I prayed so much Jesus had to be tired of me LOL! But he made me feel better I have not lost faith in him and I certainly have not lost faith in me or on love. Life goes on and life will continue to happen no matter how happy,sad or hopeless you may be so why not look at the brighter side of things and live life as happy as you can be. I have learned a very important lesson and I will apply it to my life in every way that I can. Nikki305 is back in full effect! Thank you for reading this and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog !


One thought on “She’s Back!!

  1. Inspiring words indeed girl. I can def relate since I too went thru a terrible breakup and it is ABSOLUTELY incredible the power of prayer. I prayed to God to take the pain away every day. Every hour. And I could feel His power working in my heart. I honestly thought I would never stop hurting or crying, but He made it happen. Stay strong and may God continue to bless and heal you. Xoxoxo

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