If You’re A Jit In Bolivia… FLEE THE COUNTRY NOW!!


Bolivia’s child labor laws say a child can legally start working at the age of 14. That looks like it about to change because Bolivia may become the first country to change the age to 10. The bill has already been approved by congress and all that is needed is President Evo Morales’ signature. The bill’s sponsors say that the sad reality of their country is that most families are poor and need to send their children out to work to help support the family. If the bill is passed 10 year old will be able to work under parental supervision and have to attend schools. Now I understand this could help many families in Bolivia but why have a 10 year old killing themselves for what their parents should be providing. I know I’m not in that situation but I would want my kid to have a child hood even if I have to work 24 hours a day to give them that. Could this be a temporary solution for a much bigger problem? Would you send your 10 year old to work for cents a day? Comment below!


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