Lets Be Cops Movie Review!


I had been dying to see this movie Let’s Be Cops ever since I saw the previews. I was a little skeptical about it being super hilarious because usually when the previews are really good for a comedy that means those were the best parts. I’m speaking for my disappointment with Zac Efron’s movie Neighbors where all the best parts were the previews. I am happy to say the whole entire movie was HILARIOUS!! I couldn’t stop laughing to the point where I was in tears!! Jake Johnson and Damon Waynes Jr. who play Ryan and Justin decide one day to act like police officers. I don’t want to get into too much detail on how that all began because then this will turn into a spoiler. Just know this movie is definitely worth taking the time to see. I have seen many comedies this year and by far Let’s Be Cops has to be the best one it is definitely #Nikki305Approved


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