Scammer! Why Panhandlers Confuse The Hell Out Of Me! Must Read!




This 78 year old lady panhandles in Oklahoma City. Doesn’t she look so sweet and innocent and slightly poor?? Well this lady is nothing close to poor she was caught driving away from where she panhandles in a 2013 Fiat. Now we all know those Fiats cost and arm and a leg and your left eyeball and she’s begging for money is this real life? I have always been skeptical of people who beg especially the one guy who was begging and had a cell phone hanging from his belt. I have seen many people on the streets who look young and capable of finding a job or something that will make them more money than waiting on people who will hand them change and dollar bills. I’m sorry but I work hard for my money maybe they should do the same.

Check out this guy telling her exactly what I would’ve said!


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