Sooo I’m Getting Married!


Mi gente!! I know it’s been a little while since I have been here but it was time to come back and never get lost again! I have been a little lost due to work but it was about time i showed some love to my favorite page in the WORLD! A lot has changed since i last blogged. I am now ENGAGED! Soon I will marry the love of my life and who better to share this joyful time with than the people who have been part of my blog for a while. We are 116 days away from saying I do! Man I didn’t know how much work planning a wedding was. I really thought it was pick a date pick a place and boom lets roll. Oh no no no not even close! There are so many details that we forget about. Flowers, officiants,wedding certificates and the list goes on forever! 8rf8vakny8y3s

Even though we still have sometime and I still have gotten a lot done I only have 1 problem… MY GUEST LIST ! It’s so hard to cut out people because we know WAY TOO many people but we hope some cancel lol just kidding we really want to share our special day with all of you. Now back to the blogging people I am happy and excited to be back to share my wedding shenanigans as well as your daily entertainment gossip! Love you all!


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