What NOT To Wear To A Wedding


Wedding season is in full effect all year long. No matter what time of the year (unless its in a barn) you should dress formally or fitting to the event. Obviously you’re not going to wear a long gown to a BBQ wedding.

Point is there are a few things you need to take into consideration when going to a wedding. The first one is… YOU ARE NOT GOING CLUBBING!

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 12.07.32 PM.png

This is UNACCEPTABLE even if you’re on the market no man (unless its for a night or two) will take you seriously at his cousins wedding because well damn refer to the first word in caps… It’s UNACCEPTABLE. You’re going to a union for the love of the lord not a club for drinks and reckless stories.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 12.11.02 PM.png

This one is a definite HELL NO. You will most likely get kicked out of my wedding if you show up in some sh*t like this. Save it for the after party because a wedding is NOT the time and or place to be showing off your boobs lol.



For the love of the lord please don’t show up to the wedding wearing white. It’s the brides day let her have her angelic moment it could be her last it could be her 5th it’s still her day and should be the only wearing white. Unless the couple has requested for everyone to dress in white which also has been seen in many weddings.

… And Last but not least


ASK! Today I had a future family member ask which colors were off limit and you know what that was wonderful. Why? Because you don’t want to look like you’re part of the wedding party but you’re not participating in anything and then it looks awkward. I’ve seen it happen, not cool when your brothers plus one is sitting solo at a table with strangers looking like she semi blends in but no one knows who she is and now they wonder why she’s not next to your girls taking pictures. Avoid the assumptions I’m just saying lol.

Again make sure you know the theme and setting where you’ll be and dress accordingly but never forget that its still a union and these rules above apply for any and every wedding unless its a BBQ or a Pool wedding party. We do not need to see your grandma in a pool floating like Rose on the Titanic door. That is all =D




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