Babies Romeo And Juliette Born Hours Apart At The Same Hospital

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.54.57 AM.png

This might be the cutest story I have read all week. As a hopeless romantic you’ll love this story. Two sets of parents had their babies hours apart at  Leesburg Regional Medical in Central Florida. The crazy thing is one set of parents named their baby girl Juliette and the other named their son Romeo. One of the nurses asked Carolyn Kidd what she had named her son, when she said Romeo she smiled and said a Juliette was born as well in the same hospital. The mother wanted to now where the other baby was but due to hospital policy the nurse could not disclose that information.


Both sets of parents found out about each other but couldn’t pry each others names out of the nurse. Juliette’s father Justin Crouch said he contemplated walking down the hallways of the hospital yelling “Romeo, Romeo where art thou?” lol! Their connection was finally made through a baby photographer and the babies came together for their Shakespearian photo op. The families exchanged information and unlike the real story remained friends and not enemies. Could this be the reincarnation? The real Romeo and Juliet died in 1303 and could possibly be making a comeback? Ok let me end the speculations lol. Congrats to the parents of these two beautiful babies.


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