Make Way Unicorn Frapps! Coming Soon…Unicorn Lemonade!


These days everyone wants to be a mystical creature aka a unicorn. So much that Starbucks released the Unicorn Frappuccino which everyone claimed tasted like straight ass. Also barristas all over were complaining that the drink was taking too much of their time holding up all the other non Unicorn orders. Welp after all the negative feedback there has been a decision to make Unicorn Lemonades.

I personally think they should stop while their ahead. When people are claiming your drink tastes like sugary motor oil its about that time to stop inventing stuff. Looked pretty, tasked like butt lol. Let’s see if they can redeem themselves with these new lemonades. The drink was created by barristas and the petition is in order to make it an official drink. Did you have the Unicorn Frapp? How was it?


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