Usher says “Heck no I didn’t Sleep With Her”


Poor Usher stuck in the middle of an STD and a lawsuit. Quantasia Sharpton, 21 claims that she had sexual relations with singer Usher,38. She claims that during one of her concerts Usher brought her up on stage since it was her birthday (video proves she’s telling the truth). Now where it gets crazy is when she told the press that his security guard later asked her for her number because Usher was interested in her. He later called her from a blocked number, showed up at her hotel room and had unprotected sex with her. Now who’s to say big girls don’t have it going on?

Yet, Usher doesn’t seem to think so. Sources close to the singer have come out to say that Usher spoke on the matter and simply said, “I did not have sex with her she is not my type”. Who should we believe?  I don’t know but those are some strong accusations from 2 women.. and a man..

Story unfolding lol but you can be the judge in the meantime



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