Nikki305´s 2010 Blog Review

Thank you all for making my blog a success. The support i have gotten from everyone has been amazing.. In 2010 i didnt write as many post as i wouldve liked but this year i will do my best to write more and post more pictures of current events. I appreciate all of you 1000% Lets keep the movement going!!! Here´s How i did in 2010. Continue reading “Nikki305´s 2010 Blog Review”


Nikki305’s 3-Year Old Niece Dancing To Pitbull’s Hotel Room

About a year and a half ago my niece had this obsession with Pitbull’s song Hotel room. She was only 3 and it amazed me how this little girl knew lyrics and was dancing like her aunt lol. Anywho i thought it was so cute that i had to record her. We were doing errands and we were about to get out of the car when the song came on Power 96 and she made me stay in the car so she can sing and dance until it was over.

Here is my adorable niece!

Lets Help Them Win!

Gisselle and Daniel

Danny and I are getting married on our six year anniversary. The day my fiance proposed to me was literally the happiest day of my life, I know everybody says the same thing but it is very true. The Wedding day is the day that every woman dreams about since childhood. We play wedding with our dolls, our friends and even our dog LOL. Continue reading “Lets Help Them Win!”