Madai- Punto y Coma!! Download Now!!

PuntoyComa_5x5_Madai2 copy(1)

Madai has definitely become one of my favorite upcoming artist and I wanted to share her with you guys! She is a spicy Cubanita who will sweep you off your feet with her beautiful voice!

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Predicted Summer Anthem!! @CleanBandit “Rather Be” !!

Mark my words people this track will officially be the summer anthem! I predicted “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke last year and I was right on the money so count on me again with this one! The song has this vibe to it there’s something really funky about it I can’t seem to take it off repeat!! It’s huge in Europe and as usual it takes a million years to get on and poppin in the US but don’t say I didn’t put you on to game first!