73 Things You Never knew About Sarah Jessica Parker!! (Video)

Vouge conducted an interview with actress Sarah Jessica Parker and I think she just made me fall in love with her even more! Check tis out!


Scammer! Why Panhandlers Confuse The Hell Out Of Me! Must Read!




This 78 year old lady panhandles in Oklahoma City. Doesn’t she look so sweet and innocent and slightly poor?? Continue reading “Scammer! Why Panhandlers Confuse The Hell Out Of Me! Must Read!”

Madai- Punto y Coma!! Download Now!!

PuntoyComa_5x5_Madai2 copy(1)

Madai has definitely become one of my favorite upcoming artist and I wanted to share her with you guys! She is a spicy Cubanita who will sweep you off your feet with her beautiful voice!

Download Her New Song!! Click Here

You can also follow her

IG @madaiworld

Lets Be Cops Movie Review!


I had been dying to see this movie Let’s Be Cops ever since I saw the previews. I was a little skeptical about it being super hilarious because usually when the previews are really good for a comedy that means those were the best parts. Continue reading “Lets Be Cops Movie Review!”

Cali Planning To Make Condomless Porn Illegal…


The state of California is trying to pass a bill that makes condom-less porn illegal. They are trying to avoid the spreading of STD’s between porn stars although there have been no cases of AIDS amongst straight porn stars there have been reports of other STD’s. Continue reading “Cali Planning To Make Condomless Porn Illegal…”