The Weekend Remixes Beyonce’s Drunk In Love (DOWNLOAD HERE)

the weekend

The Weekend remixed Beyonce’s Drunk In Love and all hell is about to break loose! This is the sexiest remix I have heard in the longest time! I can’t keep this to myself DOWNLOAD NOW ! Thank me later!



Top 10 Albums of 2013…. You Wouldn’t Guess Who Came In At #1!


Jay Z comes in the #10 spot with Magna Carta Holy Grail selling 1.1 million copies Continue reading “Top 10 Albums of 2013…. You Wouldn’t Guess Who Came In At #1!”

Beyonce Is A Bad Mama Jama Let Me Tell you!

beyOk Ok I think I must backtrack on my comments. Now I have always loved Beyonce and her music just never enough to pay to go to one of her concerts. Slowly I have come to realize that Beyonce is the baddest bitch out there. She released a surprise album at midnight with 14 new tracks and 17 yes you heard right 17 new videos to go right a long with it! Some of her songs include features from Drak, Frank Ocean and even her adorable baby Blue Ivy. Beyonce has killed it once again.. Who run the world? BEYONCE!