Ever Wonder How Non Famous People Have So Many Followers On Social Media ?? Here’s How ! (What A Joke!)


Soooo it has come to my attention that a lot of people who are nowhere near famous YET have thousands and thousands of followers…. ARE BUYING THEM! Continue reading “Ever Wonder How Non Famous People Have So Many Followers On Social Media ?? Here’s How ! (What A Joke!)”


Here We Go!! iPhone 5 is out!!!

The iPhone 5 has finally been released after much anticipation with the new iOs6 which will be available for the iPhone 4 and 4s soon! They have also designed new ear buds! check em out! Continue reading “Here We Go!! iPhone 5 is out!!!”

Stop Kony!! # Kony2012 Educate Yourselves!

This has caught my attention in a huge way. Many of you that know me know I’ll fight for a peaceful cause any day at any time. I’ve always been taught that if something is within my reach to help then i must go with the flow and do. What can i say it’s the humanitarian in me (thanks mom). Today i saw people posting stop Kony everywhere and of course i needed to inform myself right away as to why people were posting it. I got on youtube and found a 30 minute video as to who Joseph Kony is and why it is so important that he be captured. This has caused media attention and is now informing us as to why we must join this movement. I certainly have Click Here to sign the pledge against Kony. It’s the first step and it is the least you can do. Share This Video on your Facebook and twitter. Tweet, Facebook and Instagram photos people will be curious as to why you keep posting these things and will eventually take the time to educate themselves. Lets join this army for peace! – Nikki305