MI GENTE!!!!!! I have neglected my blogging world but today it hit me how much I miss it!!!! I have been ghost due to some projects I am working on but I will get back on the ball with my entertainment!!! I miss you all and stay tuned for all the cool new stuff coming up!!!! Thank you all for your continued support!!


Yung Berg Arrested For Chocking Girlfriend Masika In NYC!

Yung-Berg-and-MasikaLove and Hip Hop Hollywood stars Yung Berg and his co-star/gf Masika were in NYC taping the reunion special. When berg went to pay his cc was declined. He got mad stormed out leaving Masika behind. Continue reading “Yung Berg Arrested For Chocking Girlfriend Masika In NYC!”

Madai- Punto y Coma!! Download Now!!

PuntoyComa_5x5_Madai2 copy(1)

Madai has definitely become one of my favorite upcoming artist and I wanted to share her with you guys! She is a spicy Cubanita who will sweep you off your feet with her beautiful voice!

Download Her New Song!! Click Here

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